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At Laboratoria we work for thousands of women in Latin America to develop careers in tech that will change their future, while making the industry more diverse. Through our bootcamp, women that did not have access to quality education become Web Developers and UX Designers, accessing great jobs in technology. More than 1000 women have graduated from our program, and more than 80% of them are working in technology, transforming their lives and the industry.

In Latin America there are millions of women with the potential of becoming the digital leaders of tomorrow.

Mariana Costa Checa, co-founder & CEO

Our Impact


Graduates in 3 years

(+820 in April 18)

Average income increase among graduates employed


Hiring companies across industries


Job placement rate among 2017 graduates


Locations running in Ciudad de Mexico, Lima and Santiago and new training centers just opened in Guadalajara and Sao Paulo.

“It’s important to point out that Laboratoria's success rate has been extraordinary already” 

Barack Obama

President of the United States

Unleashing Potential For Tech

In Latin America, millions of young women can't afford quality higher education. With or without diplomas, this points them to a future of unemployment or informal work, where their talent goes untapped. It is in this immense talent pool that we identify women with potential for tech. In our 6-month bootcamp, our students gain the technical and team skills needed to work as front-end developers or UX designers in the best companies locally or abroad. Here, they also find a new community of tenacious women who support each other to shine in the tech world. The result is women who transform their lives and change the face of an entire industry.


Susana Opazo

Laboratoria graduate

"Before Laboratoria, I was working as a hairdresser, feeling the job was too small for me. Now I work in Thoughtworks, creating software with people from all over the world. I have been in Chile, India and the US. This is the kind of job for me!"

We make hiring easy and meaningful for companies. Before Laboratoria, our hiring partners used to spend months searching for tech talent, and in almost all cases they were limited to finding male developers. Now they find amazing female developers and designers in Laboratoria in a matter of days. In our Talent Fests' hackathons, companies like Crowdbotics, Everis, Accenture and Thoughtworks bring real challenges for our students to solve along with their team in only 36 hours. Moreover, hiring managers also leverage on our "Talent App" to identify the best talent that matches their technical and cultural needs. They couldn't be happier with the results (hear their experiences here).

Hire our graduates


Anand Kulkarni

CEO Crowdbotics

“We have a graduate of laboratoria who has been working with us for the past 5 months: Annie, she is fantastic, one of the best hires we could have possibly made for our team"

Upskill your corporate team

One day the CEO of a leading bank in Peru asked us if we had a training program to share our digital know-how with his leadership team. The truth is, we didn't, but we couldn't miss this opportunity! We said yes and got to work! This was the beginning of our successful corporate training program, where we have trained more than 600 non-tech leaders in Peru, Chile and Mexico with the mindset, tools and cultural shift needed to win in the digital era. Through this program, we are improving the digital innovation capacity of big companies in Latin America, which in turn, ensures more jobs for our students and enables Latinamerica's growth in this new era.


Carla Temoche

Commercial Manager of Financiera oh!

“We will apply the mindset we learned in Laboratoria’s workshop from our marketing campaigns to the commercial strategies of our products”

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We are working to become the leading source of female tech talent from Latin America to the world, transforming the future of thousands of women and the companies that employ them.