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Together, we are transforming Latin America’s tech sector and the lives of thousands of women in the region.

Our challenge

The opportunity

Due to deep-rooted gender stereotypes and socio-economic barriers, women in Latin America face obstacles that affect their educational and professional experiences. This causes women to be underrepresented in the workforce, especially in the tech sector, which creates a cost for women, economies, and society as a whole.

The digital economy is growing in Latin America, but to advance at scale and transform our economies and the gender gap, it is in desperate need of talent, particularly female talent. Laboratoria is a growing community with the power to transform the lives of women, the tech sector, and the economies of Latin America and beyond.

Our history

“Laboratoria is one of the most dedicated, thoughtful, and forward thinking organizations that we've had the pleasure of working with and their dedication to the student community is second to none. It has been a pleasure working with Laboratoria and supporting their great work to build a more diverse and inclusive economy.”

“We are proud and honored to have Laboratoria in DRK's portfolio. For 20 years DRK Foundation has invested in social entrepreneurs who change the world with a vision of opening up opportunity and equity for vulnerable populations. They are one of the most effective learning organizations we have supported.”

“Laboratoria is a great organization that puts women at the center of everything they do, a passionate group of people with a data-driven and human-focused approach.”

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Our Board

Mariana Costa

Board President, Co-founder & President - Laboratoria

Rafa de la Guía

Board Secretary, Principal - Quona Capital

Julie T. Katzman

Board Treasurer, Director, Advisor, Investor

José Antonio Fernández

Board Member, Head of Digital - FEMSA

Karen Sun

Board Member, Technology Director, Iluma Alliance y Dobility Inc

Isadora Kimura

Board Member, Founder - Nilo

Juan Pablo Buriticá

Board Member, CTO - Treble.ai

Leadership team

Mariana Costa

Co-founder & President

Rodulfo Prieto

Co-founder & CPO

Gabriela Rocha

Co-founder & CEO

Regina Acher

CMO & Co-founder Brazil

Belén Recabal

Product Manager Alumnae

Carolina Covarrubias

Bootcamp Operations Director

Francisca Lanusse

Finance Director

Lucile Baratier

Employability & Company Relationship Director

Karen Kelly

Partnerships Director

Diego Velez

Bootcamp Design, Technology & Data Director

Lupo Montero

Technology Director

CAF America Validated Organization



Empowering women to work and prosper in the world of technology.

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