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Developing the skills to work and thrive in the digital age


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Main donors

We are registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

Learning Programs that Unleash Talent

Our learning programs are designed to transform how people learn and work, to connect our students with opportunities to showcase their potential, and instill in people the ability to become lifelong learners and agents of change.

Bootcamp for Women 

In response to the profound gender gap in tech, our 6-month bootcamp is geared towards women who have not been able to start a professional career. Through our project-based Agile Classroom, we prepare our students to work as Web Developers or UX Designers. We connect our graduates with companies looking to hire diverse talent, helping them launch a career and improve their future. Only graduates who secure jobs in tech pay for the program, and so retroactively. 

Corporate Training

Our Corporate Training and acceleration courses provide much-needed reskilling opportunities for company leaders and teams. We help organizations implement a culture of continuous learning, and accompany teams as they develop new skills that allow them to experiment, innovate and take ownership of projects. Our goal is for digital transformation to truly happen not only through technology but by unleashing the talent that already exists on company teams. 

Our Beliefs

These three pillars support our work, guiding us in everything we do:

Human potential

The key to success in a tech-dominated world is in talented individuals who continuously adapt to change.

Diversity and inclusion

To build a thriving tech industry we must create more space for women and diverse talent. 

New education models

Learning experiences should help us become lifelong learners prepared to work in uncertain contexts.

Laboratoria in Numbers


Women graduated


Graduates hired


Hiring companies




“It is important to point out that Laboratoria's success rate has been extraordinary”

Barack Obama

Roxana Cares

Laboratoria Bootcamp Graduate

"Laboratoria doesn’t just teach you something and leave it at that. They help you learn how to learn and through this I have been able to start my own business. I hope to inspire more women to grow in this industry." 

Anand Kulkarni

CEO Crowdbotics

“We have a graduate of Laboratoria who has been working with us since 2017: Annie, she is fantastic, one of the best hires we could have possibly made for our team."

Rodolfo Cruz

Corporate Training Student

Alicorp Peru

"Take the risk and experiment, try something different and don’t always stick with the same processes that are in place. That is what can help us truly experience digital transformation."

Our Donors

Thanks to the generous support of our committed partners from around the globe we are building a more diverse, inclusive and competitive digital economy in Latin America that opens opportunities for all people.

Our partner in computer donations:

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